Name – Ross Taylor


Qualifications – Athletics Victoria Level 2 Coach (Recreational Running), Bronze Medallion (Surf Lifesaving)


Triathlon Highlights

  • Winning the ‘Male Beginner’ Active TRI Sprint Series 2014-15.
  • Crossing the finish line at my first 70.3 (Ballarat 2015) – it was a really emotional moment as months of self-doubt was finally put to bed.
  • Preparing for my first 140.6 in 2017.


Coaching Philosophy

I enjoy running and I enjoy helping other runners! I try to put training drills and sessions into context for my runners – why are we doing this tempo run? How will it help you? Why are we skipping or bounding before a session? It’s important that my runners understand the WHYs of a session before they engage in the DOING.