I entered the Tri Pink “long course” 300/9/3 (my very first Tri was Tri Pink 8 years ago 200/6/2, an experience I’ll never forget because as it turned out, I didn’t know how to swim 😬) so I was interested to see how it went.
I was lucky to have the company of both Jane Arnott and Kirrily Guinan in the race which was a self seeding event (plonk yourself in the queue as per your swim ability). However, some of the first swimmers were taking a walk already or breast stroking. The Albert Park Pool venue is a clean and lovely 50mtr pool which presented no drowning problems today (unlike 8 years ago). The swim flowed well and all 3 of us finished our swim quite closely and took off for transition. It was a great day for a bike ride and the course is a 3km loop, so as long as you counted your loops you were fine. Christine Cantwell positioned herself on the course taking photos and yelling out support when she saw us MPTC’ers coming past, I think we felt a little bit famous, thanks Christine.
The ride was uneventful, and locating the bike rack was easy because Jane was already there, Awesome. We headed out for the 3km run, the day wasn’t hot so it was an easy run made easier because of chatting with Jane as we went, solving the problems of the world for about 20 minutes.
I really enjoyed this Tri, it was all about having fun and it’s always a bonus to get a medal afterwards! The other unexpected bonus was my placing: first in my Age Group! I didn’t know this until later that day, but it made my week and gave me bragging rights for about 8 minutes.
Tri Pink is a very well organised event for a good cause, raising funds for breast cancer, and I would urge anybody considering a Tri to give this a go, and just have fun!
Karen Styles – January 2017

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