MPTC Club Members can submit Race Reports below.

Tell us the event and what distance you raced, when it was, and your experience.  Make sure you add a photo too.

Was your race good, bad or somewhere in between? What did you learn? What hints would you like to share?

Everyone has different abilities and experiences, we all have a story to tell.  Whether it’s your first race or your 100th we want to hear about it.


Still need a few ideas?

Did you travel? What sort of training did you do? What were the conditions on the day like? Any nutrition issues? Tell us about the swim, your transition, the ride, the run and the finish.  How did you go?  Let us know your results.  Did you podium? Did you DNF?  Did you volunteer?  What were your highlights? What did you do for recovery?  What’s next on your calendar?

Submit your report here and we’ll let you know when we make you famous and publish your report.

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