1 July 2022
Automatic renewals were available this year . To join or renew MPTC and Triathlon Australia memberships please see the information below


Please refer to the following links for more information

If you are having any trouble with your renewal, please contact us at info@triathlon.org.au, or call 02 8488 6200.


  • Insurance 365 days covered while racing and training. Competitive price for international upgrades.
    $100 SCODY voucher.
  • ACCESS to your tri club – great training, coaching, pathways and community support.
  • Lower Entry Cost: One Day Membership (ODM) per event is compulsory if not a TA Member – join & save.
  • Partner benefits:  Discounts off TrainingPeaks, Head Sweats, Magazines.
  • World Championships: Eligible to qualify
  • National/State: Eligible to compete for these titles.


Pretty good – right? What you don’t know . . .

Membership is much more than this. It’s about investing in our sport. TA is a non-for profit organization – we are not here to make money from our members! We are here to administer the sport and provide services to ensure you have access to quality races, events and training at clubs around the country. When you join as a member you make a personal contribution to triathlon and its development.

And for this we are deeply appreciative.

Sign up and sign onto the triathlon community and your club today – www.triathlon.org.au.

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