The MPTC performance group was started out of a want to provide a group based on a commitment to training and commitment to a higher level of excellence.

This group is geared towards athletes who are trying to strive to a pathway that includes national representation in both junior and senior ranks.

We provide one-on-one engaged coaching that is structured towards the individual athlete, rather than a group, with a heavy emphasis on skill acquisition and teaching of best practice.

MPTC was seeking to have a group that represents the club as a forward thinking club that which builds a base of champions that have a love for the sport and a want to be the best that they can be, and still maintain a community feel where the interaction with all athletes runs side by side.

Our hope is to have a group that builds a solid base for the club moving forward and a strong representation at the pointing end of racing.

Keep an eye out for our Performance Group around the club and on race day with their dash of fluro yellow on their clubkit.